Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chinese Red Dawn scenario unfolding before our eyes?

And now China is focusing on conventional air war while we focus on chasing people that hide in caves. Scary. The more the U.S. think tank eggheads and politicians say 4GW and nonstate actors are the wave of the future the more I worry that the world is still very much the same as it has always been - states and state militaries as tools for hegemony. China and Russia aren't preparing to police the world and look for guys hiding in caves. They're preparing to fight like a competent conventional military does. You're an idiot if you think people with RPG-7s, rusting AK-47s and bad aim that can be picked off by a couple of shots from a drone are the wave of the future. They are not. High performance jet fighters, boomer subs and main battletanks were, are and will continue to dominate the battlefield.

Good grief, is Russia and China going to gobble up the U.S. one day because we were so foolish and stupid? God forbid. We're focusing on criminals and bandits, they're focusing on figuring out how to beat states and state militaries as efficiently as possible. This is truly terrifying.

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